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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions we are often asked, organized by category. We hope the answers are useful and please contact us to speak further.

Product feeds and other data feeds

See Data Feed documentation »

What feed formats does Canned Banners accept?

We accept XML, CSV (and other delimited formats, including tab-delimited), and JSON feeds. We do not require a specific format for the data fields/columns.

Is Canned Banners able to work with Google Merchant Center feeds?

Yes! A majority of our advertiser clients provide us with Google-formatted feeds.

Can you connect to an advertiser’s API?

Yes! If a campaign requires using an advertiser’s API to fetch data or content (e.g., real-time hotel + flight availability), we can develop custom solutions. For more info, read our case study on hotel retargeting with real-time pricing and availability.

Working with Canned Banners

Is Canned Banners self-serve or is it a managed service?

Canned Banners is a managed service. This means that we handle sync'ing our platform to your data (e.g., product feed) and we configure our retargeting pixel for your site. There a few ways to handle ad creative: we can develop creative for you, or we can load your HTML5 files into our platform. It's easy to work with us — you don't need to learn a new ad tech UI and we do all the heavy lifting.

What is a common turnaround time for launching a campaign?

Depending on complexity, anywhere from 3 business days to several weeks. This depends on factors such as the complexity of the advertiser's data, and whether the advertiser requires custom ad creative.

Do you work with agencies, DSPs, or trading desks? Can I resell your solution?

Yes! Canned Banners doesn’t buy media or have its own bidder, so we're a great complement to agencies, DSPs, and trading desks.

How is the Canned Banners platform priced?

Canned Banners is mainly priced on a CPM (cost per impression) basis. Design and ad production work is quoted on a case by case basis.

Dynamic Ad Creative

Can I use custom creative for my dynamic ad campaign?

Yes! You may use your own ad designs for your campaign. You can either provide your own HTML5 creative (read more here), or Canned Banners can handle design and/or production.

Platform features and capabilities

Can ads be personalized based on a viewer's IP address?

Yes! Canned Banners is a flexible platform that can personalize on a wide variety of audience identifiers, including IP address and IP block.

Does Canned Banners work with DoubleClick Campaign Manager?

Yes! Our creative can be loaded into DCM, or Canned Banners can integrate DCM event (impression, click, etc) trackers into our creative.

Does Canned Banners work with Google AdWords?

Yes! Our creative can be used with your AdWords remarketing and prospecting campaigns. Read more here.

Does Canned Banners work with third party tracking solutions?

Yes! Alongside our creative, we can serve third party impression/event/viewability/conversion trackers. We can also integrate third party click trackers into a creative's landing page(s). Read a case study about third party tracker integration.

What DSPs and bidders does Canned Banners work with?

Specifically, Canned Banners clients have run our creative through DoubleClick Bid Manager, Google AdWords, AppNexus, OpenX, The Trade Desk, SiteScout/Centro, Viant, and DataXu, as well as other custom bidders/platforms such as Marin Software and GeoCommerce. Generally speaking, Canned Banners is compatible with any platform that can run third party ad tags.

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