Dynamic Display Ads and Personalized Retargeting

Get more out of your display campaigns with Dynamic Ads that self-adapt to the viewer. Get higher click rates and shorten each prospect's path to conversion. Read more »

Our Process: Importing Your Product and Messaging Data

Get an overview of how Canned Banners works with you to import your ad messages (e.g., product feed) into our Dynamic Ads platform. Read more »

Case Studies

Dynamic Hotel Retargeting

Dynamic creative with in-banner room rates & availability boosts retargeting campaign performance. Read more »

Integrating Dynamic Retargeting Ads with DoubleClick Bid Manager and Third Party Tracking

Learn how Canned Banners successfully integrated into a client's in-house display ad technology stack. Read more »

Content-driven dynamic display ads for

Canned Banners developed content-driven ads to help build upon its 40 million+ readership. The dynamic ad units feature articles pulled from the SheKnows RSS feed. Read more »

Dynamic display advertising for major comparison shopping site

To meet the complex requirements of the campaign, Canned Banners developed dynamic display ad creative that would connect directly to the price comparison website's API, pulling fresh products & offers 24x7. Read more »

Additonal Resources

Technical Documentation

Technical and reference documentation for the Canned Banners platform, including documentation for ad tags, pixels, macros, and HTML5 creative guidelines. Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions

A few questions we often get asked, organized by categories such as Product Feeds and Ad Creative. Read more »