Information you may share with us

As you visit our website or use Canned Banners services, you may share various personal and non-personal information with us. Canned Banners will not share any of the following types of information to any third parties without your prior consent:

  • Your email address
  • Information that could be used to uniquely or personally identify you
  • Any content you have uploaded to our services or have created using our services
  • Data specifically describing your activity during your use of Canned Banners services

The following are exceptions to the foregoing:

  • Canned Banners may use your account data in conjunction with secure third-party services or applications necessary for providing Canned Banners services, managing your account, processing payments, or communicating with you.
  • Canned Banners may share with third parties aggregate information about our users. Any such information will be shared in such a form as to remove the ability to uniquely identify you or your user account.
  • Canned Banners reserves the right to capture and store information about your use of the Canned Banners service for the purpose of analyzing such information and improving our service.

If you have any questions on our privacy policy, please contact us.

Information we use for advertising Canned Banners to you

We may employ third-party advertising services and technologies to anonymously cookie our users and visitors for the purposes of showing follow-up ads (i.e., “retargeting” or “remarketing” ads) to you after you leave our website.

You have the option of disabling these cookies (“opting out”), thereby preventing Canned Banners follow-up ads from being shown to you.


Visit the AppNexus website to opt out of Canned Banners follow-up ads: AppNexus Platform Opt Out

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Information our clients may use for advertising to you

Our clients and partners may target you with ads that use our Dynamic Display Ad technology. These ads are served from

If you visit any of our clients’ websites, our dynamic ad technology may place an anonymous cookie on your browser. The cookie is called “cannedbanners_dynamic.” This cookie is used by our clients to personalize the display ads that you see. The information contained on the cookie is completely anonymous and stored in such a format as to make it meaningless to any outside party.

Our clients and partners may also use tracking, ad targeting, retargeting, and cookie-based technology in conjunction with Canned Banners dynamic ad technology. This means that while Canned Banners may have created an ad that was targeted to you, some or all of the cookie-based technology, ad targeting, or tracking activity is being managed by our clients and partners, and not by Canned Banners.


If you would like to prevent the Canned Banners cookie from storing any data from our clients, click this link. If you ever want to opt back in and restore the cookie, click this link. Please note that once you clear your browser’s cookies, your opt in / opt out setting will be lost, and you will need to click one of the above links again to restore it. Please also note that opting out of the Canned Banners cookie does not in itself prevent you from being targeted with ads by Canned Banners clients.

If you would like to inquire about opting out of a specific ad campaign that you saw, please contact us and provide as many details as possible. We will pass your request along to our client or partner who can execute your opt-out request. Please note that if the specific campaign in question does not use Canned Banners dynamic advertising, your request will be disregarded.

The most comprehensive and reliable way to opt out is to clear your cookies completely and/or disable your computer’s web browser from using cookies. Directions on how to do this can be found here and here.

Updated July 21, 2015