Use Your First-party Data

Personalize display ads based on customer and prospect data.

Your CRM systems contain priceless data on your customers and prospects. Canned Banners can integrate that data into display ad creative that gives you a brand new channel for personalized, direct customer communication.

Personalized ad messaging can take into account information such as customer type, cross- and up-sell opportunities, and demographics — information that's already in your CRM system, ready to get to work.

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First-party data display ad

In this example, the viewer is a dealership customer who owns a Chevy Silverado and is due for a trade-in. The ad also incorporates third-party trade-in data.


Canned Banners lets you personalize display ads with the same customer + prospect data your company already uses to personalize email blasts, direct mail, and website user experience.

First-party data integration diagram First-party data integration diagram


Use your own audience ID
Ad creative can be personalized according to an array of anonymized ID types: DSP audience ID, customer ID (e.g., hashed email), or IP address.
Industry agnostic
The Canned Banners platform can scale and adapt to meet the campaign needs of any industry vertical or use-case.
Flexible data on-boarding
Sync your audience data via batch API upload or one at a time via our pixel.
Closed-loop tracking
When someone clicks an ad, Canned Banners can pass customer ID and profile through to your analytics tools, helping to tie interactions directly back to your CRM system and campaign reports.

Those are just a few key features. If you have questions or want to discuss specifics, contact us and let's get down to details.

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