Smart Prospecting

Get more out of every prospecting impression.

Display ad prospecting is tough. Dynamically tailored ad creative improves the chances that you'll show someone an ad that resonates enough to get noticed and generate a response.

Dynamic prospecting ads intelligently customize the ad each viewer sees. Whether it's a real estate ad showing listings in the viewer's city, or a travel ad with real-time pricing and availability, dynamic prospecting ads boost campaign performance by showing content that's actually useful to viewers.

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Dynamic travel prospecting ad

Sample dynamic prospecting ad using real-time offers and pricing in conjunction with destination segmentation.


Dynamic real estate prospecting ad

Show nearby products & offers

Show prospects what's available near their postal code, city, state, or country.

Viewer location is a critical factor in industries such as real estate, brick & mortar retail, restaurants, and automotive.

If prospects are only interested in what's in their area, why waste impressions showing everyone the same static ad?


Show products and offers related to what the viewer is reading

Contextually personalized ads can boost ad effectiveness when customers are in research mode.

Whether someone is researching travel destinations, which car to buy, or baby products, if you can show them an ad directly related to their research, you're showing them an ad that's useful, and an ad that's going to do a better job at driving conversions.

Dynamic contextual prospecting ad


Dynamic prospecting ad with real-time offers

Build urgency with real-time data and availability

Trying to get the attention of last-minute travelers? Bargain shoppers? Restaurant-goers?

Show them available products and offers they can act on right away.

Read our case study on real-time pricing within travel ads.


Optimize creative to KPIs

Feature the products that are most effective at driving campaign performance.

Canned Banners can use factors like clicks, conversions, and product ratings to develop creative that continually self-optimizes.

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